Tweaking some bosses

(Ahh, i didn’t even finish this thing, why I accidentally click post this thing!)

Because some bosses are just too easy, too simple, too rewarding, you name it.


  • Apple core, drops too many firepowers. Shall be toned down as it makes the mission too easy if you meet it at the beginning.
  • Crabs, these guys are too kind, at least give 2 firepowers. Change it to drop presents only.
  • Last bosses, I don’t complain that they drop many firepowers and presents, but still they’re too good as investment if you meet their easier version at beginning. The idea in my mind is to make them only appears at the end of the mission. Show some exclusivity.
  • Mother hen ship (CI3) & Mysterious ship, why these things only give a firepower/present? Add coins! or something.
  • Mother hen ship (CI4), 3 satelites are too much, just one.


  • Sweater chicken & Mysterious ship, in higher difficulty add a chance to strike player! Something like what chicken terminators do.
  • Party chicken, when damaged at 60%, 75% and 90% do his omnidirectional shoot! That attack is incredibly fast. Maybe only available in higher difficulty.
  • Brother reunited, i know someone already mentioned this, but that’s a cool idea! I won’t take credit for this one. So, when one of them is killed, the other one will enter rage mode and shoot even more quickly. You dirty brother killer!
  • Yolk star phase 2, could be more aggressive in higher difficulty, its title is revenge of the yolk after all.
  • Henterprise, big laser at last phase can be exploited, @EmeraldBirb already said this. Also randomize where it will come from should be an unexpected thing!
  • Crab v2, randomize its throwing order and shorten its force field duration for a V2 fight!
  • Crab V1 with all chicken, why I hardly ever saw this thing? This version is harder than any crabs in high difficulty! Also randomized attack order also works well for challenge.
  • Crab V1 with all laser, the easiest boss ever once you know its pattern. Make it as random as yolk star lasers (but can attack from many angles), and it will be one of the hardest.
  • King of Crabs, the transition between chick throws and laser is too long. Shorthen it.
  • Henperor Apprentice, make this guy move, but not going too near to edge, avoiding being cornered. When it shoots lasers he also moves! I know this is possible to be applied as Master Squawker is moving while shooting lasers. Also mirrored laser so it spins clockwise too. (this is also applied to Super Chicken in chicken multiplicity)
  • Super Chicken, lacks of area coverage. Moving while laying eggs should fix that flaw. Also I don’t think he needs stripped line to warn his laser attack. Just make him looks like Henterprise’s big laser charging, and he shoots directly above you.
  • Egg Cannon, this thing is boring. So I have new pattern for it. Also its laser should targets random direction instead of straight, like Henterprise’s purple beam. And in very low chance it could spawn ufo chicks, ufo chicken, chickennaut or even eggship.
  1. 0% - 25%
    Chicken wobble -> Orange lasers (3 times) -> Chicken wobble -> Triple red bolts -> repeat
  2. 25% - 50%
    Egg launch -> Orange lasers (3 times)-> Chicken wobble -> Orange lasers (3 times) -> repeat
  3. 50% - 75%
    Egg launch -> Triple red bolts -> Chicken wobble -> Triple red bolts -> repeat
  4. 75% - 100%
    Infinite yellow beams (more and faster!) with Chicken wobble

Final bosses (Yolk-Star, Egg Cannon, Henterprise) already give a bit less firepowers and gifts compared to the previous games.

Also, you probably haven’t taken into account in normal missions, where more firepowers are provided. If you start with 8 firepowers, you are more likely to reach 10 before even fighting the first boss (10 is the second strongest level, behind the max 20, 11 to 19 firepowers do not change anything)

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Edited, because I accidentally clicked post before I even finished.

I know that I can start with 8 firepower, I have almost every weapon in max upgrade.

But high abundance of droprate of firepower, is ridiculous. My opinion is add more stage of leveling up weapons at firepower 15, 25, and 30. Instead a big gap between 10 and 20. Then moving current max power to 15. So we have 3 more level above current max power, because current max power isn’t strong enough at max difficulty, even for utensil poker. But those level are hard to reach, and maybe only able to achieved in longer missions (e.g. Weekly) and without dying.

The big gap between 10 and 20 exists because in the game description, the max firepower is known as the “secret” 12th level (11 levels from 0-10 and 20 is the secret 12th).

That mechanic fits the series because the player starts from 0, but not for universe. And max power isn’t that “secret” anymore. So I want to change levels above 10 into 4 stage, 15, 20, 25, 30 and call it “overcharged”, “supercharged”, “ultracharged”, and “hypercharged” respectively.

The final bosses appearence will be very predictable if they come at the end of the mission.

As if they’re in series.

Why,though? Satellites are rather rare in CIU. I think it’s fair if a few bosses drop more than one.

In which case you’d probably have to buff all enemies (or increase the amount by which their health rises from stage to stage) to counterbalance the increased damage output of all weapons. We don’t want the game to be too easy.

With the lower firepower droprate, those level seems hardly ever to be achieved, so I thibk itvs not a big deal.

But I also agree that enemies hp should be rebalanced, because some mission are way too easy, but some (especially short but max difficulty) mission are too hard (or maybe just too long) to kill the enemies

No, why

No, why
I like my first wave Henterprise, it also makes challange runs easier so you wouldn’t have to play the whole mission with your moron railgun. Also easier versions don’t appear on SSH I think.

Only high difficulty attacks will just be confusing. I’m up for this attack if he does his charge/tell to indicate this attack.

sasnes why

What does that mean. Faster? Like terminator? It’s arleady a pain to shoot the yolk, how are you gonna even kill it now? A slight buff maybe.

How are you gonna make it random? And make sure it won’t lock you in in a no escape situation? This would need a total rework of the boss.

I’d like this, but there will be too many situations when he spins you but you can’t attack it. Like you would need the exact aim at him, because all others, even from the other side won’t work because he is there and you will get force fielded.

Perhaps too random for my liking, you will have very little time to adjust to which way to go.

Do you even know how quick he is? Also can you even memorize his cone of damage? The henterprise shoots a straight beam, but this boyo a cone. So no.


Besides all of this, I don’t think every boss needs to be a death trap, especially for more casual players. We also need some easier bosses.
I’m just waiting for higher difficulties (:

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Lol, how many “NO” I got :sweat_smile:

So that’s why it ONLY DOES IN HIGHER DIFFICULTY (maybe above current SSH)

Add one thing

  • Apple core, the less barrier it has, the faster it shoots

How do you think about these change?

  • This is great! Implement it immediately!
  • I want to look these change, only in REALLY high difficulty.
  • I disagree on some points (if yes, tell me), but the rest is fine.
  • No, just don’t.

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Apple Core doesn’t drop many powerups. They are the Level 4 Barriers.

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Added to v.59 :medal_sports: Idea