BOSS Ideas

Please share all boss ideas so that best ideas can be added in the game

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Very nice topic :+1:

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If wh have a fire chicken. Why not fire chicken Boss!!!

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There is no need for a topic like this.


I need this topic
Pls dm me to tell you why

You can DM me yourself if you want to tell me.

I can’t
It says you refuse to

Ah right, you can’t dm me…wonder why that is :thinking: . Welp, it is what it is

You ignore me?:neutral_face:
Did I do something bad?

what does dm means…

No. It’s way better for every idea, not only boss ones. To have a single topic for every of it. For the fact that most of them is very detailed in very long text. And should be well elaborated. That and to attract more users towards it to see it’s demonstration.

Yeah sorry for the late reply anyway.

no prob…

Private message

Direct message is abbreviated to DM, which is a feature through which you can privately message people.

obviously it’s the dungeon master,


May I ask. How to DM someone😁

call it “PM”

Click on a person profile picture then click the blue message button

Both are true and used