Boss Idea: Linklaser

Hello Everybuddy So I Want To Share Topics with you and this is the first time that i post an idea about my boss that i have created so hope you like it

I Know the design is bad because i am a beginer at making bosses


Health:Same with “Giant Robotic Space Crab v2.0”

Size:Zommout like (The Henperor,Crab v2.0):

Type:Metal (Links In The Game)

Appearance:56%(Like Dr. Beaker)

Spawn:Normal like(Crabs, Big chickens:Special Forces, Show’em who boss, Super Chick, Twice infinity,And More…)

Weakness of: Laser Cannon, Nuatral Gun ‘A weapon i Don’t Know name but it in CI4 and good For IAM’ Hyper Gun, Absolver beam, positron stream, plasma rifle rifle.

Strongness of: Ion blaster, Cornshotgun,unstelpoker, lightning fryer, boron railgun, ridler,a weapon from CI3 good for comrt chase.

Weakness of(ICBM and Barbaquer)
Strongness of(bird flu gun and Microgun)
CIU boss theme2

let’s begin with the attacks:

in (0%-20%)


in (30%-40%)
Same Attacks but this Attacks are Increased

In (50%-60%)

He Will pay attention before the attack

In (70%-80%)

In (80-%90%-100%)

Note:The Laser Attacks Same with the iron chef
Barriers phase:

The barriers attacks have this attacks only

And a special attack

1 player:

4 players:

The End of all attacks.
barriers direction you will understand what i am meaning:
And Also His Color will change when you Damage him



The End
Thank You For Reading my topic hope you like it i am tired for making it (i spend 1 month and 3 weeks for making it). i know my grammar is bad but what hope you like it!.
Special Gift for you
CI4 Spaceship
CI4 hero spaceship Png Free To Use by(Me).


CIU Hero Spaceship where

i don’t have it.

Screenshot Mania.

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He means that you took a LOT of screenshots


Yeah, that’s a lot of screenshots for a boss idea. And it’s so messy and confusing.

you don’t LIKE IT??? :frowning:

No no, I don’t think he means that, he’s just saying you took too many screenshots, so it looks long and confusing


fact:i spend more than 1 month and 3 weeks for making it
and in the end no one like my topic… :upside_down_face:.

i will delete this topic soon.

You don’t have to! You can edit it to make it look much simpler!

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The fact the boss can spawn multiple other bosses seems a bit OP. This boss’s attacks seem to cover a large area at once. There also seems to be a cheese spot for almost every attack the boss has (except for that barrier phase and the higher difficulty green lighting (?) attacks.

I haven’t seen a boss idea that was used barriers like that before (it’s own separate sub-phase)


this is
overly complicated

not saying its bad but good god thats like, too many variations/attacks for one boss



Looks very hard 2 me and looks good

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Well, this idea is not bad at all, but the description… Eh I would say its a bit messy :confused:

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I like it but I only looked at the pictures

Neat idea but too much attack moves (lower that down to maybe around 7)

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