New boss suggestion: Egg-witch

She was an ancient witch in the universe. Now she’s coming and will bring chaotic ruins to the universe fight.

(Sorry for no video for my presentation, please enjoy these images instead :sweat_smile:)



She comes up by using magic, from nowhere

That’s cool, isn’t it?

*Techniques of attack:

She entirely uses magic to handle player.
First, she casts spell that creates a scarlet magic circle called “Magic seal”, trapping your spacecraft. It will move anywhere on the screen (except Egg-witch’s position), that makes you move cautiously, or your spacecraft will be blown up in the seal.

Moreover, when you try to shoot at the seal, it will shrink down and absorb all of what you shot, turn your effort into nothing and heal up Egg-witch (that makes the percentage index at boss’s destruction bar go down too).

The seal lasts for 5 seconds, then turns into a grey rune. You can safely get out of there.

(each rune represents one kind of food)

She will continuously create more runes (based on difficulty level you choose). The more runes on screen appear, the bigger magic sphere in front of her becomes.

When she has enough runes, she blows up her magic sphere and disappears. The explosion leaves scarlet toxic cloud around.

After that, one of these runes will turn red and fragile, she comes up at this broken rune, breaks it into smaller pieces, player need to dodge them.

Then she summons some magic rays to shoot your spacecraft. The amount and speed of the magic rays depends on the difficulty level you chose.

Same with the rest.

And the last technique of her attack is really beautiful.
After she has come up again, she summons magical wall behind her and your spacecraft, bends it into a sharp spike that rapidly pierces and tears your spacecraft apart. Becareful! :wink:

You are able to break them down by shooting, the same way you used to do with the crystal spikes from CI5 “Heart of Darkness”.

Thank you so much for reading this.
Hope you like it.


Doctor Strange?


This could be very problematic for bombers if they move all of a sudden, they should start moving slowly and accelerate gradually so that bombers can have a chance, it shouldn’t suddenly change direction as well. The acceleration and changing of direction can be made more drastic according to difficulty level. This is probably the weakest part of the idea for me. It seems too tedious and the fact that the number of Magic Seals will increase depending on the difficulty level seems counter-intuitive in providing players with a fun challenge at higher difficulty levels.

A potential fix for this could be to add some attacks that target the player, the projectiles for such an attack should be small, in order to dodge given the limited size of the Magic Seal. To compensate, the Seal itself could be made bigger in order to not be too difficult.

This could catch players off-guard for the first time, so an effect highlighting the shrinking Magic Seal would be helpful, basically telling players that attacking the seal is making their situation worse.

The cloud and the projectiles might blend in too well in hot environments, so a bright secondary color which goes well with red would be appreciated.

This is probably the best part of the whole idea IMO, the giant red spike looks like as if the Egg-Witch bent the very fabric of space and time to kill the player. But like the other red projectiles, this might blend in with hot environments.

Overall, some of the attacks need tweaking, and the red attacks might blend in too well with the hot environment, but the visuals are FANTASTIC, some of the best I’ve seen out of any boss idea, and it has the potential to be a very fun boss.


I think it’s name called Doctor “Cluck” Strange.


Your reply means a lot to me. Thank you so much for that. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Nah. Scarlet Witch :rofl:

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This is one of the fresher boss ideas I’ve seen in a while. The attacks are really creative and well thought out, and the presentation is very good overall. Aesthetic wise I don’t like it much, but that’s my personal preference. I really, really love the attacks: they have potential to be very interesting.


Uh why it has many attacks? I’ll just kill it fast. Lol!
Just joking. This is a great idea!

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Brilliant! :smiley:


Will not add if do not know what music to choose to suit this Boss.

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Magnetic Manipulator didn’t have its own theme though


Basically, the best one of the ones I see in some topics, although I know right you couldn’t put a video (and that’s pain), but really, the appearance is descriptive, attacks are descriptive, as well as images.
My overall of this idea: 10/10
Keep the great work mate!

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