Boss Idea: Deadly-cious Trio

What happens if you combine two big “military” breed brothers with the largest chicken to date?
A Deadly-cious Trio!

How this would work? It’s pretty simple:

In the “Brothers Reunited” boss battle, Military Chicken and Party Chicken are using much advanced and yet enhanced moves of the pre-exisitng ones. Putting this “<> upgrade” to the Super-Chick and literally pairing him with a bro duo will make the greastest food fight humanity ever

*Pun not intended

Because of how much space is for a Super-Chick fight, Military Chicken’s and Party Chicken’s moves will become even more advanced and deadlier than before!

This is a idea, that quickly went into my mind! I hope you’ll like it, I think :sweat_smile: (especially @InterAction_studios )


The Brothers Reunited fight doesn’t change their moves all that much

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But you can’t disagree these moves in this fight are more complex than fighting Party Chicken or Military Chicken individually, @Sammarald

well, yeah, since they’re combined

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And combining them with Super-Chick will make bro duo’s moves even more complex due to how much space you got in fighting this “poultry behemoth”

More like even easier with more space to dodge. because I assume you meant the zoom in this ipotetical boss will be increased, right?

The zoom will be the same as in the Super-Chick fight, don’t worry…

Ok. Just think about your wording. The word “complex” doesn’t really fit in this case.

Also in high difficulties this boss would be impossible. Brothers Reunited is already hellish. And a small tip. iA prefers original ideas rather tha recicles or upgrades over existing things. Just keep that in mind.

Is it so? Maybe they prefer it, but we’ve only seen few things that community suggested in the game. (I’m talking about weapons, bosses, satellites, enemies) (Collection of ideas liked by InterAction Studios)

Those will be added after release, most probably, remember that the game will release when all the assets from older games will be incorporated, it will be a little early to think about

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