Boss bug

i have a problem.
It’s faster than before.
Please make it the same as before

It’s not a bug,it’s intentional. And it was way too easy before.


it isnt good. it is very hard

Very hard =/= bad.


please fix it.

Its good dude. Dont play if you dont like.

What do you say?

Do you mean

theres nothing to fix. Its pretty good now. Dont play that waves if you dont like.

Not a bug. Just change the difficulty

no i like it
Do you know why i have a problem
Because I’m playing with a laptop touch

Its not hard, its easier than the old one. Just shoot faster.

Dude you cant just ruin everyones gameplay for your touchpad playing. We cant do anything about that.

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If this means a laptop with a touch ſcreen, try uſing your mouſe. If you mean a laptop touchpad, go to the ſettings and up the ſenſitivity.

tourist skill level existed

IIRC hardness is about these hardness skills. So as that Turtle boi said. Use tourist one.

And, to a lesser extent, the mission difficulty.

Don’t play on laptop touch? Buy a mouse, the perfect invention! Anyway, you still could play with keyboard only, it is possible to win.

OK thank you friends!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: