Boss Battle Screensaver

Wouldn’t it be fun just to have a desktop background of a boss (i.e The U.C.O. just flying around and shooting it’s weapons at air)? Sadly I don’t think there is a way to make the player invisible (unless if you’re dead). It doesn’t have to be in the game it can be a video or something.

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Aren’t ſcreenſavers largely a thing of the paſt? I mean, I don’t want to ſay that this ſhouldn’t be done, but I’m not ſure how many people would uſe it.

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Yeah well, your symbols are a thing of the past and yet you still use them.

Back to the topic, author of the topic described animated desktop wallpaper. You know, it is totally possible in 2019 to have animated desktop and many people use it (much to my surprise and irritation because every time someone logs to Steam I get a notification that they are using it). But even I suggested that I would love to have Chicken Invaders themed animated wallpaper, but I want IA to make it so they can have another way to make a little profit.

So yeah. It all depends on IA to do it. I mean, someone else could make it, but IA could make it better.

Ouch. You got me there!

For once, @Traveller’s the one being burned.

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