Boss assistance

The idea is very simple: bosses during boss rush missions would have enemies in their fights(or should this be the case for all boss fights in all mission types? I just felt like boss rushes could have a special twist added to them,idk) that will support them and make the battle harder. For example,the military chicken boss would have lots of mini-military chickens(the ones that shoot 2 eggs at once) around it. They’d follow the boss all the time,and there should be a huge amount of them(20? 40? I don’t know how many of them would be good enough.). Tell me whether or not you like the idea,and also tell me which enemies should be in which boss fights. Currently,my ideas are:

  1. The example I mentioned already with military chicken.
  2. Have hundreds of chicks that will surround the party chick.
  3. Mysteryous ship would have lots of aliens at the top of the screen,so you’d have to deal with way more lasers than before.
  4. UCO could maybe have UFO chickens in its fight.
  5. Sweater chicken could have chickenauts in its fight(in the top left and top right corners,maybe?).
  6. Super chick fight could have the top edge of the screen filled with UFO chicks.
  7. Iron chef could have security droids during the fight.
    As you can probably tell,I don’t have many ideas,so please suggest anything you think would be good for this.

And the Yolk-Star should have this.


Oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no no


Why did I sold every difficulty besides SSH…

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This should be another gamemode: “hardcore rush”
Boss rushes are fine in their actual state (in my opinion’)


This needs to be the normal boss fight, the boss is probably one of the esasiest in the game

Sorry this isn’t exactly on topic, but you reminded me of an insane idea. What if someone did an imposed hardcore challange, where he would beat every CI game (except 1 and season editions) without dying. Otherwise having to restart allllll the way back. I’d definetly enjoy that stream/video… but I don’t think anyone’s crazy enough to do it.

@Davoid well… that could be really hard

Better topic:

Tomorrow (today) I will do that, I think.

no. just no.

Military Chicken’s bubble shield.(Brothers Reunited included)

To disable the shield, destroy all minions.
Shield will regenerate every 25-40 seconds depends on Difficulty.

In Brothers Reunited/It’s Party Time.

There are chickens with footballs.

Add Darth Egg-Layer on CK-07 Henterprise fight.

CK-07 Music with Darth Egg-Layer’s breathing is surprisingly awesome.