[Streams] Topic to post CI related challenges, gameplay etc

I think there is no point in creating a lot of differet topics for different streams so I changed the name to “Topic to post CI related challenges!”. Here you can post any of your challenges with links to your stream if you want people to see it.

Davoid’s challenge (the main reason for the existence of this topic):

I don’t think so. I will start stream at 13:20 (GMT). Here is the link Stream is ended by loosing at the last chapter of CI3. Thanks to everyone who came. I will do this challenge later with more practice.

  1. You can choose any difficulty (I will chose Rookie)
  2. No utensil poker
  3. If you died you need to start over the first game (CI2).
  4. No cheating
  5. No speedhack
  6. Do it yourself
  7. You can’t restart asteroids missions to change pattern but you CAN do this in last two chapters of CI3 because it’s CI3 with unfair asteroids.

If you done challenge without dying\1 time\2 times, you compleate it in gold\silver\bronze medal of nerveous clicking(no).


CI2 — completed
CI3 — completed
CI4 — 88/120 waves



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Frames before explosion. How am I died lol? Unfair glitch.

I think I will start stream again this hour. Hope to beat CI2 faster. Oh god, what had they done to YouTube?. Here is the link.

Stream ended. Next try tommorow.

New translation started! Hope this will not take long. Previous link works.

ok cool

Hey, I’m going to try some hard boss rushes with one life + SSH right now: Here is my stream.

Wow i like that.

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