Borderless window

Just add it. I’ve got 2 screens and guess not only me. It’s really uncomfortable to switch windows without it.

Woah, wait up. It’s not the matter of “just adding”. Hopefully they’ll add it, but for now you can use apps that are making borderless window available on games.

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Thankies, though, why would I use an extra app to fully enjoy the game and play normally? That’s not the point. Just saying I find it surprising CIU lacks that feature, especially since it’s kind of standard in most of modern games as well as having more than 1 screen nowadays.

I performed some tests, and the taskbar (on the same monitor as the game) is still visible when going borderless. Is that what you mean? Or should the taskbar be hidden?

Taskbar should be hidden indeed. The thing is, it actually should look like fullscreen but shouldn’t minimize while switching windows, like should stay visible on the desktop all the time.
Also another thing I noticed is the mouse cursor isn’t locked on the game window. When my ship is next to the edge i can easily accidentally click on my 2nd screen what causes minimizing immediately. In other games like League of Legends you use your mosue to move the camera all the time and the cursor can’t just simply leave the game window. In some games it can get out of the screen only when game is paused what can also be a nice solution though.
But yeah honestly, when you’re forced to often alt+tab to check discord, your browser or whatever it might be really annoying when the game is constantly being hidden on the taskbar instead of staying visible. It also takes some time to load the game window again. Only seconds but still kind of annoying.
In summary, ain’t easy to freely play without borderless mode with more than 1 screen especially since the mouse cursor isn’t locked in.

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Yeah, this pisses me most because Chicken Invaders doesn’t support f.lux in fullscreen and if you want to use it at night without getting bombed with blue light you need to play in window.

There’s an option called “Capture mouse” that does exactly that. It’s in the Options -> Controls -> Mouse

Not gonna lie that’s some quite useful knowledge ^^; Didn’t really expect there might be something in mouse settings so didn’t even consider checking in there. Thanks.

Anyways, seems like there is another problem kind of connected with borderless window (or actually its lack). Basically the game gets stopped like paused automatically when the window isn’t active like on the top. I’ve got that habit to alt+tab pretty often, for example i did a lot after starting a travel between planets or whatever. Turns out the game is stopped when the window is hidden on the taskbar, like literally ship doesn’t move at all. Frankly, while forced pause is a great feature during a mission (won’t die randomly after switching windows accidentally) is it really supposed to work like that as well during exploring galaxy? I mean, I’m fully aware there are buffs/upgrades to make my journey through the space faster but legit I could do something else meantime. At this point I’m kinda forced to stare at CIU all the time while I could wait and do other stuff. You get 2 screens for a reason. Multitasking! Saving time!

I’m pretty sure that sounds like a bug. Because from what I heard on this forum many times you can actually exit the game and the ship will still travel so it can reach the furthest places without forcing you to watch it.

The spacecraft does travel when you’re off-line, but not if the game has lost focus. What the game does and doesn’t continue to do while paused is not a simple issue – there are many conflicting considerations here. I must think about this.

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Added in v.29 :medal_sports: Idea

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