So apparently I recently downloaded an Auto-Clicker for the Riddler. It cuts through (almost) everything like butter! Then I had an idea. Max speed Riddler with damage booster. I hate my brain so much right now.

arent autoclickers banned or smth

IA said Auto-Clickers are exploits unless you use cheat engine.

well then cool i guess, have fun xd

Actually, I need to think about this some more.

This was addressed long ago (Early Access version 05), but that was under the assumption that players could manually click faster than 10-15fps. But obviously that was B.S., so limit is back on.

Fixed in v.35 :medal_sports: Idea


Could you change its automatic fire to be like its current(pre-nerf) max manual fire, though? So same fire rate and same/similar overheat rate. So that it’s at least somewhat usable on high difficulty



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Just WHY.

Also, if I were to suggest a balance for Riddler…

Reduce it’s max fire rate to 8-10/second. Multiply it’s damage by 2 or 2.5. :+1:
No need to use autoclickers for riddler now.


I recently came to police and said I have drugs but they won’t find them.

That is how it sounds like.


You reveal your secret by post it to let everyone to know?

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1galbatorix1 already talked about this issue. We just need to be patient and wait for him to finish the WBP and then wait if IA decides to actually balance the weapons. (hopefully not another year of wait)



If some game mechanic is broken or unbalanced in the game and you take advantage of it, that’s an exploit. It’s an exploit if you find somewhere to sell equipment for more than you bought it for. It’s an exploit if you farm boss levels for keys from the infinitely spawning chickens. And it’s an exploit if you use an auto-clicker to reach much higher manual firing rates than any human could.

In exploits you’re still playing within the rules defined by the game, and it’s up to the game to fix them. We’re fine with this – you’re doing nothing “wrong”. The game should change prices, or should prevent chickens from dropping too much food, or should lower the maximum allowed firing rate of a weapon.


Words said by IA.

What I suggested was just something they could maybe do as a temporary “fix”. Galbatorix’s balance ideas really need to make it into the game


i’d personally say implement a universal CPS cap just barely below human limit that you can’t exceed ingame

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Yep. Just 3 days into my second account and I’m getting 13 mins in space race with just the riddler without anything else other than lives.

I think i should be able to finish this in march. I ain’t promising, but I think you can expect final post in 30-60 days. I am about to start writing part 10 which is probably going to be the hardest. (My lightning fryer design is kinda complicated and even harder to explain properly.)


I’m glad I got to meet you, WBP was amazing! I especially loved the Corn Shotgun and the Photon Swarm remakes!

OOOH please say that it chains between targets

Yep, that’s the idea. But balancing this mechanic is a true nightmare.