Bonus Puzzles with Barrier Switches and Spectral Barriers

A few months ago, I proposed this: (You can read to better understand this idea)

Barrier Switches and Spectral Barriers are brand new mechanics that were to come to new waves. Instead, I have refined this idea and present to you Bonus Puzzles!
These are additional bonus missions directly in the “Bonus Puzzles” section.

After entering them, you will see 10 bonuses, including 9 with a question mark (there may be more, depends on @InterAction_studios)

As you can see, one Bonus Puzzle is unlocked, once completed, another one will unlock, and so on.
Now that you remember the mechanics Barrier Switches and Spectral Barriers, Let’s move on to the first bonus!

Name of Bonus: A spectral attempt
Bonus Puzzle 1 target: Get into the Black Hole!

First, the egg barriers must be broken, to get to 1BS (Barrier Switch)
This BS is responsible for Barriers at the number 1

Now BS will convert the barriers on the right 1 into Spectral Barriers. 2BS has to do the same with the 2 on the left. (But you have to go back to 1BS to unlock the passage again) There is already 3BS, which must replace the last barrier on the right 3 to get to the Black Hole.

(Maybe I’ll make a second Bonus soon)


This sounds good. Did you passed this bonus?

It’s just a suggestion


Firstly: ok that barrier is cool.

Secondly: Uhhh, no. This is shoot 'em up. Not a puzzle game.

I was about to do a second bonus in which the target is to kill all enemies. Bonuses can be of various kinds. Besides, nobody tells you to play these bonuses, they are just an addition.


Free time for everyone has done doing daily mision/weekly challenge

You know what? I actually wouldn’t mind this, this idea has merit, for a limited time event, etc.

Though if this is actually in the game, I thing it should just be a twist on the regular shoot-'em up formula, rather than a specific sequence of inputs required to “solve” the puzzle.


This could be like a training mission in the UHF, or maybe a mind test from a Madame tent. While I’m not sure about the specific implementation, having some puzzle minigames is a really creative and fun idea.

Should definitely be optional, though - even though I’d enjoy this, plenty of people just want to shoot chickens and so they shouldn’t be forced to play a different genre to unlock specific stuff. But personally, I’d be totally up for something that uses a different part of my brain.


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