Barrier Switch, Spectral Barriers and their mechanics

This time I will introduce a new barrier mechanic.
Behold Barrier Switch:

The barrier switch manipulates the spectral barriers, just shoot the switch and the lever will move to the right.

The switch will turn the indestructible barriers into spectral barriers that you can fly through and shoot through! Shoot the switch again and he will do the opposite!

Thus the barriers can be easily manipulated.
Barrier switches and spectral barriers could come in new waves!
Before the wave:


I like this concept a lot!
Here’s the issue tho: Ion Blaster, Vulcan Chaingun (potentially), Lightning Fryer (potentially), Plasma Rifle (potentially), Utensil Poker, Photon Swarm (especially), Positron Stream (potentially), Corn Shotgun and low firepower Riddler could AAAAAALL accidentally flip the switch. Multiple times. Photon Swarm particularly, with it’s harsh lock-on would make using this mechanic impossible.


Would be nice if these will be on Planetary Missions. But on space itself, doesn’t make sense in the lore if chickens make barriers that friendly fire on them. This also leans CIU being a puzzle game, rather than smhup (include that timer barrier).


To prevent it’s accidentally switched, it should have certain amount of damage to make it switches. For example, it needs 10.000 damage to switch. It can have a “meter” to indicate this.

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what if you crash to it?

Or maybe have a delay like 1 or 1,5 Second after any hit

No, it will still can be accidentally clicked after that delay.

Then how about 5 Second? (i think its quite long) like most of boss platform game

Therefore you have to be careful or as @Akemisora said he may have an Damage meter to switch again.

Nothing. Becareful.

I think the Damage meter will be better.

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