Blue Beam: Remastered

“Made by the same company who made the disappointing invention, Absolver beam. This baby was made under the blueprint they stole straight from the Henpire. It delivers a very powerful and overwhelming white and blue destructive beam that destroys everything on it’s path but it takes time to fire.”

Old one

Blue Beam is a special weapon that…is something I made year ago.


Appearance: It’s a light blue and white and extremely bright beam that kills everything it touches.

Function: Upon activation, you spacecraft takes 3 seconds to charge the beam. It emits a slight glow with a non-lethal laser. It grows overtime.

After that, it fires a big beam that destroys…well.

  • Normal enemies & Barriers: Instant Death/30000 Damage
  • Mini bosses: 5000 damage
  • Bosses: 3500 Damage

The beam last for 5 seconds. Damage inflicts
every 0.66 seconds. The beam also destroy projectiles but doesn’t make you invincible. The glow slowly shrinks as the beam time hit it’s expire time.

PRICE: 16x9🔑


  1. This weapon is special type. This means some weak, some strong.

  2. This was based on Henterprise Red Beam.

  3. I wonder.

  4. Beam time can be stacked and it doesn’t reset the charge time.

Should it be added?
  • Sure! This thing is cool
  • Nah, it sucks
  • Yes
  • No
  • h

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I have also considered a superweapon such as this in the past. Though I’m not sure what the point is in having it deal bonus damage to weak targets. I think it should just deal that 3500 damage per hit to everything (that would mean 24500 damage per target if you only use one beam).

It could also be more interesting (and more useful in zoomed-out waves) if it had a slight spread, sort of like a less extreme version of the bomb effect of the laser weapon in Raiden X.

Ha ha. Ha.
You have no idea what’s coming.

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Only depends on iA though…if I’m correct ¯_(ツ)_/¯

tee hee


And what could we possibly be afraid of? tee hee

This idea is great, but it is so powerful, it will lose balance with the game

the floor be made of floor, woody

If you want to add to the game then:

  1. Damage reduction
  2. Increase charging time
  3. The engine heats up quickly
  4. While firing will reduce flight speed

My, isn’t there a weapon already like that. Sounds familiar. Oh wait, it’s Absolver Beam.


No idea

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