BC Media: Individual Boss Progress Indicators & Fat Chicken Warning

  1. I’ve been thinking about this one for a while.

So the HUD’s got a progress indicator for its boss fights, right? Well, does anyone else think it can be a bit too vague on how much health remains on the enemies you’re fighting? More specifically, when there’s more than one target to take out onscreen in a boss fight? Sometimes, it can startle you a bit.

Well, what if, when more than one target shows up, each individual boss (Superchick, Infini-Chick, Henperor’s Apprentice, Special Forces, Party Time, Show 'em Who’s Boss, etc.) had a health bar instead? So then, you’d know how much damage needs to be dealt. In some ways, it could encourage timing and restraint until taking down a target at the right time.

Now, this wouldn’t need to be added to basic infantry (normal-size chickens, chicks, etc.). Just boss fights where more than one essential target is onscreen.

  1. So this new enemy added to Episode Universe, the Fat Chicken, has an attack where it shoots a ring of bird poop that can catch you completely off-guard while you’re shooting it down.

I think it really needs some kind of visual warning before bombing you.

That is all.


IA doesn’t want to do it because it will be more vulnerable to Cheat Engine.

As of slob chicken. Not so long ago there was discussion about it: About Slob Chicken


Those are Slob Chickens and according to iA, it has a 1,6%(?) chance to shoot a ring of waste when damaged.

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Agreed, because in very hard bosses you have to focus on your Spacecraft and if you looked a second to check on the boss health on top of the screen you might get hit.

But individual health bars are more capable to be hacked


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