Bat Chicken

It appears that the Super Chicken has a close friend. And yes, this chicken is dressed like Batman, so he has a black cape and cowl. Perhaps we should call him the Dark Rooster.

Perhaps the two could fight the player together on higher difficulties…in case the player finds Kryptonite weaponry,

Careful when fighting him, he punches so hard words appear when he does it. Wait, how does he punch when he has wings instead of fists?

I would imagine he would appear more often in Darkness missions. Though to be fair, Super Chicken doesn’t appear more often in sun levels, even though he most likely draws power from sunlight given who he’s based on. Oh well.

Oh well.

P. S: This chicken doesn’t like clowns, so don’t throw a pie in his face. It will make him angry. Though I would imagine he’s already angry because you’ve been eating delicious chicken sandwiches.


He tosses two chickenrangs that return to him after a brief period of time.

He tosses bombs that explode after a short while, similar to the Military Chicken. But these are poisonous and release clouds of poison gas. He doesn’t toss as many as the military chicken does though.

He also lays eggs like the Super Chicken. Though I would imagine that these eggs would be black in color (unless in a darkness level). I figured that would suit the Dark Rooster.

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It would be a good Idea but black eggs would be difficult to see in darkness missions because you have to wait until it appear in your vision.

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Oh. Maybe they should be white then.

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Oh. Well, this chicken would have different attacks.

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