Bard Chicken

Now that I look at the new alchemist and Dr. Beaker, I turned my attention to the last boss… Thundercluck with his music, but no enemy conterpart.
While Dr beaker has an enemy counterpart, why wouldn’t all bosses have counter parts?

This chicken, called bard chicken is a normal/klaus breed that wields a string instrument. His clothing can be anything you would wear at a camp.

Health is simillar to the alchemist (Are there no sources for health for universe enemies?), and its “attack” is a buff that makes all chickens in a radius attack faster.

While the alchemist chicken nerfs the spacecraft, another chicken buffing other chickens isn’t a farfetched idea.

It’s appearance should be from +40%, but the strenght of this chicken depends on his/her neighbours.

Here’s a poll:

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I’m sorry but I have already suggested an enemy with the exact same ability as yours.

I really like the musical theme for this btw


So next thing is mini henterprise

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