Background effect

“Light up the battlefield, give it an arena effect, make the fight more epic.”

Inspired, or more correctly, improved version of this one, Background effects is a cosmetic equipment that can be equipped in the mission comfig.

Background effect act like key rush’s Glow at four corners but you can customize it at will.


They can be purchased in heroes academy with 500 keys and It’s a licensed item.


The customization screen is located in the Color theme menu. Each customization costs 25 keys. Here are the customization choices:

  • Four corners (4 colors for each corner)
  • Additive magic
  • Glowing Overlay (The glow layer is above the entities layer)
  • Name

The default effect is cyan, additive magic enabled, not overlayed.


  1. The glow will replace the key rush glow.

  2. Contraband costs 4x more

  3. iA, if you don’t or can’t add, see this instead:

“Good idea” preventing system. How is it?
  • Yes, I would like to see this!
  • Eh, ok I guess.
  • Neutral
  • This is bad, so no.
  • Nope, nope, nope!
  • h
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slob god effect

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I prefer the background effect.


I have no idea, I just consider that IA wants to add this idea
And if there’s an effect, it’s also interesting

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