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Hello. If you remember my topic of game-releaae on steam, you know that the game had been registered to steam. congrats :clap: players . I was sure of this. I am waiting for completed game register. I hope the game be free to play plz :pray: :confused: IA. Also, I hope the game progress uses our steam accounts instead of using Google, Microsoft, Protonmail…etc


iA has said numerous times that the base game will be free, with in-app purchases for keys and such.
Progress will be saved localy on your computer and via linking an e-mail.


Or to your Steam account. The more I think about this, the more comfortable it is to have the game Steam exclusive.


Cutting off 15% of your audience (📊 Poll: Do you have a Steam account?) for no good reason is not a smart thing to do.

Your progress is saved on Steam cloud, so technically you don’t need an e-mail. However, without an e-mail you won’t be able to transfer (“link”) your account on any other device. Also, if the game messes up at any point in the future and corrupts your local profile, your e-mail is your only hope of getting your account back.


That’s a fair point, but I think as the game grows, it would not be abnormal to see the usage of the website version shrink comparing to Steam as more new players begin using the Steam version and as people move to Steam due to the various conveniences it offers.

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Hi thanks for your help . I wanna ask you some questions.
Can steam version be a permanent progress? (Log in anytime) Is the game free to install on steam?

You can update the game easily, too :))))


The game will be free to play, it says that on steam too, the game will have completely optional in-app purchases for keys and other things such as CHL (Chicken Hunter License) and perhaps offers of some kind. You don’t have to pay in order to play. So once the steam release is out soon, you can just install it right away like you are now.

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I love your replys thank you for info

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