📊 Poll: Do you have a Steam account?

Pretty simple question, I think.

Do you have a Steam account?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t know what Steam is

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I assume it’s going to be for transferring the user data to Steam.
Also, thanks for being on my friend list :wink:

Why do you want to know,iA?
Do you want to add us on your friend list?

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He was questioning if you have your steam account or not

You can add him if your steam account is level 1 or higher

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  1. i have steam account with name “BLUE_OCEAN_GAMER”
  2. @MoonKnight, steam is a website for games releasing. search “steam” in google or fire fox or… and open the first website.
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Me too, my steam account’s name is “Big Mos”.

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I think mine was iliya_hp_87


ME TOO! USERNAME : ans1382

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I’m just waiting for the Steam migration to take place before slaughtering anymore protein


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If you interested for add me to friends, my username is : Ardhane271
i will add you all :sweat_smile:

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This is not the purpose of the poll. However, I do blindly accept any friend request for Steam. Just don’t expect me to answer any personal messages there. This forum remains the primary method of communication.


Is the poll just for curiosity?

i think its to collect data of how many percent of players will be able to join in the steam EA


No. I’m considering supporting only Steam for the next few months, in order to speed up development (or, more accurately, to avoid slowing down development).


Makes sense I guess.

I’ve made one… a few moments ago.