Auto Updater

ok ik there is ppl that suggested this before me but they suggested a launcher and tbh a launcher is unnecessary so my idea is what if when we open the game and click save the world it check for updates and if there is new it won’t tell us go to download it in the forum except it will ask us if we want to download it or not and if we click yes it download it

Try using steam

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Steam has auto-update but I prefer the standalone’s lightweight performance, which allowed me to screen-record smoothly.
I guess having an auto-update feature for standalone as well doesn’t really hurt anyone, it’s just more QoL.

i don’t want to use steam i want an auto update in the standalone version

yeah and i don’t think it is that hard to make but i can be wrong

That is not going to work I used standalone once and you have to update it after every update there is no way it can be automatically updated. (ITS AN EXECUTABLE FILE)

And also executables don’t update theirself

then how other games have automatic updates without steam or other launcher

Commonly executables can be updated by allowing the user to update them (like sources from GitHub) you can always update CIU from CIU in the top of latest

except ciu isn’t open source

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CIU has the same performance on Steam and standalone. Probably Steam is making an impact on your performance, but it shouldn’t be too big.

Wrong. How do you think Steam updates the games?

They can download new files, delete new ones and close themselves and voila. You shouldn’t exactly make them this way, but it can be done.

Users can’t update executables. If you have access to source code you can compile it with a new version, but generally it’s best to wait for official executable.

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I have a pretty powerful PC and the steam version has frequent lag spikes without any reason while standalone version does not, even if steam is launched.

Steam Overlay turned off or on?

ty i wanted to tell them the same

it is not about the performace for me i just don’t want to use the steam version i don’t want to wait steam to open so i play the game and i like apps outside of steam more that is why i want an auto updater most games have an auto update so why not ciu

Ooh, the horror of waiting 20 seconds (or approximately 60 if there’s steam update). You need to choose: either steam/google play for smaller updates or standalone.

That isn’t true. Most games use other platforms to have update systems. Standalone games rarely use updating that isn’t just “download full new version yourself”. Source: my collection of games on GOG

my laptop is old and it is not powerful so it takes about 1.5 to 2 minutes yeah it is not much but if you play the game a lot it gets annoying

there is still games that doesn’t use launchers and update automaticly like roblox

I’m getting lot of mixed signals here. Does this laptop perhaps have hdd?

Ok, one game isn’t exactly “most games have an auto update”
Let’s a go: Cyberpunk 2077, Anno history collection, Heroes of Might and Magic (practically all 7 parts), Witcher trilogy, Bioshock, Baldur’s Gate - and other 183 pages of 48 games each on GOG.
Auto-updating games are minority. Also, Roblox is a big game with a much bigger playerbase. They have the funds to have updating mechanism working and also need it to save server costs. CIU doesn’t.

As an example thank you