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Hello guys so i have one idea why not create launcher of some kind, so when u have start game it starts checking for updates, and then if it finds it it will update. And i know there’s similar topic to this but idk it’s stupid to go to forum and download update, isn’t better to auto update and that’s it :confused:


:clap: Already :clap: suggested.

Now about why it was declined:
The game is actually not that big. The heaviest file in installed game folder is ~600 megabytes, others are pretty small. Creating launcher just creates unnecessary problems, like launcher bug fixing, linking with profiles (because this will be suggested any way), controlling mobile versions etc. Also, the download speed will be the same because even if launcher is presented, it still uses same server as download source.


Whenever you thought of obvious ideas know that they’re:

There’s also another good reason why it should not have an auto-update launcher.

Every time there’s a new version you must head to the forum and then you can see some new topics and maybe one of them will make you create an account and drop feedback or ideas and expand the active community.


I’d be open to a launcher post Early Access, I think it’s a bit unnecessary until that point though.


thanks for pinning my ideas :slight_smile:


By launcher does it mean something like the Minecraft launcher? If so I don’t think it’s really a good idea - it would just make it a bit more complex that it’s needed to enter the game for no apparent reason which is bad UX.

On the other hand, I think that the general idea for an auto update is good. I imagine a system where when the game needs an update it would download it from the game itself after clicking a button instead of redirecting you to download it from the forums.

If that’s not possible then at least making the game notify you through the OS that the game needs an update would be cool.
That’s my 2¢ at least…

Sure, on Linux it could be done - if the game is in repository you can automatically check the version before launching the game. Even on Windows if the game is on any shop with a launcher it could also notify you that it has an update before you launch it (Steam, GOG, EPIC etc.). But CIU is an app released outside of shop platforms. You would need to make another app that runs 24/7 on your computer which I am DEFINITELY AGAINST. Not even by giving the user choice to not install it. That is a horrible way of developing things.


You’re definitely right! I didn’t think about the privacy issues with that…
Thanks for telling me this and have a good day!

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