So, is using auto-clicking progams cheating?
(ps: sorry for bad english, I just woken up and my 2 brain cells are not working)

Yeah. account will get blocked for cheating.

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It’s a Exploit, not a cheat.
Check this link btw:


But if you use an auto-clicker in CIU, it won’t work because there’s an anti-auto-clicker coded in

But somehow, I can still use it
Is this a bug or something?
I personaly use GS Auto Clicker

It’s still experimental, not fully completed


oh wait, I can’t use it on the newer version

omg I’m a dumb-dumb, I can still use it, I just set the interval to 1 clicks/5 second

Why would you use it, though?

To reach much higher manual firing rates

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Well, technically it shouldn’t even work in CIU, but I won’t judge


One more thing to consider are those auto-clicker apps on Android/ios since CIU, but it’s not a concern for now (maybe on CI5 and earlier).

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