Atmospheric Reentry Mission

Since the planetary missions hard to be auto generated i found a mission that we used to play it in CI5, its called the Atmospheric Reentry, as i saw the mission is pretty simple because all what we have to do is just defeating some waves with random enemies till we reach into the surface of the planet to fight the main boss

Idk if this idea could help with atleast one mission from the planetary missions in CIU but i wish the best to IA and CIU…

WHOMS’TVE summoned me?

Well they are harder than normal waves but not impossible
Planetary missions generator

Prolifehack for next time: you can also find a search button which lets you to search a text phrase.

Atmospheric reentry would be absolute easiest to implement, but IA still said that the boss from it requires the planetary missions code to function and CIU doesn’t have it (or it didn’t in the past because not long ago we had CI5 in CIU and I don’t know if it can be used now or not)


I hope we can get it
I just wanna enjoy the game so much, as you know we’ve been playing the same missions from space only…

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Not anytime soon I think.


Those were the plans for 2024. Somehow we ended on none of these things, but on content created for TikTok.

Ye, I wouldn’t mind though if in the meantime there were added more planetary environments at least.


We should also add the on planet mission from CI5, Epsilon Thalassus, Gamma Chthon, and Eta Astropelecae type missions, not specifically by those names but those styles of missions.

We need a Space Police Chase mission type, that would be so awesome!

We are still in 2024, but…I see what your saying.

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