Asteroid Belt

Why don’t we make asteroid belts look like this:
Instead of this:
(Sorry for making pressure on IA)


That is a part of the circle shown on top

That would be too much.

For now it’s a problem. If someone makes a good mock-up of how it would look in the game then maybe.


Isn’t it too much? I say, I know how difficult it is to make animations, textures, etc.

Programmatically it is very complex to do this. If it were to be done, the only thing I could think of is maybe replacing the colored trail with a particularly versatile asteroid texture, but even that would be difficult.

Getting asteroids to move in a “trail” around the orbit is way harder and more intensive than it sounds. And, as iA explained, how to you dock to a belt?

(I agree it would be cool. But it’s pretty hard to do.)


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