Arnav Patel Chicken Invaders Players

Hi Everyone I am Arnav Patel


that Is Fake One Sorry I Can’t Log In But Finally Login

Interaction Studios post a lot information here


Hello from Russia! I think I am the first Russian user here.

I am from Bulgaria hello

Wait a minute, forum says that I registered 12 hours ago… Am I the first!?

Since i see everyone introducing themselves here, Hello! i am Sinci1! I can’t wait to chat with you all :smiley:

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Idk when the forum comes out i was cant enter into it but now everything is ok

On-forum time counts since you send the first e-mail. Actualy, I entered here a few minutes ago, but forum counts it from starting registration. It was like 00:17-00:21 in Moscow when I started.

Guys, if you have ideas for whatever you write at Interaction studios, they replied for a minutes or hour.

Hey there, i’m a beta tester, are they going to release a new part of the game?

Idk, look Interaction Studios profile here. It have a lot information there

Oh, yeah, hey mate, remember me from Discord? Cool, I also was the closed beta tester, lol.

Greetings from Vietnam, gentlemen!

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I’m here too, I guess. I tested Cluck of the Dark Side and will be happy to test this one too, but I will try to be more helpful this time around.


oh hello there people

Hello from Poland! I’m glad to be here, and see the community around Chicken Invaders… afterall it was my childhood game.


Hello, from Philippines here. Also a beta tester.

Hello, my name is Tom and I’m from Poland. I was CI4 betatester :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m Diego and I was a betatester for CI5 :grinning: