Are you satisfied with the reworks done so far?

It seems that most of us guys agree on several things - Ion Blaster needs a slight buff (adding 25 to the weak projectile damage is pretty plausible), Utensil & Neutron are :ok_hand:, Plasmer needs its old manual fire rate back (and we’re getting it soon) and Positron is overall a much nicer weapon, but maybe it could use a tiny buff as well.

However there are two distinct sides when it comes to Lightning Fryer’s chaining. Do you think we can reach a consensus on the matter?

In my opinion, chaining could be at the very least slightly faster (but not as fast as splitting, which is instant) because by the time LF chains to an enemy, I would have killed he primary target which would make chaining impossible.

@InterAction_studios Would you like to evaluate this thread as well?


Made a couple of tweaks:


About Plasma Rifle for a moment: I think increasing the damage ramp up to 75% would be nice, considering the rather fast overheat time.


I’d rather disagree, considering that Plasma is the most OP lock-on weapon
We are nerfing it down so that every weapon is equally the same in game style, also accounted for DPS and fire rate
If you like to ramp it up, use a Superweapon

OP is a very generous word to use here. A 50% ramp-up (which gives us 16500 max DPS) is too low for a 5s overheat time.

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Plasma rifle is only good if you have healthy fingers. Its auto fire isn’t appealing enough.

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Utensil poker and Neutron gun are pretty ok
I do kinda agree that Ion blaster needs a small buff
And chaining definitly needs to be reworked ,especially with the position stream,from what i’ve experienced,it’s split and chaining is very strange and i think that it 100% has to be changed.

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