Anyone can get huge advantages from the infinite chicken spawning from egg cannon!

I don’t know if this a bug or idea or even if this allowed.

You can’t farm scores from the infinite chicken spawn from egg cannon right? but you can farm FIREPOWERS AND GIFTS FROM IT

look how much firepowers i have before attacking on egg cannon and after



i think the infinite chicken spawn shouldn’t give anything at all.

Do you think this thing should be fixed or no?

  • Yes
  • No
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which difficulty you play on

superstar hero. the mission difficulty is 29%-44%

also the difficulty doesn’t matter, you will get firepowers and gifts if you kept killing the spawning chickens from egg cannon

the chickens really don’t give you powers at competitions
only in average missions

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It’s disabled in comps, you can do this only in normal missions. There’s no harm with this.


Honestly, it shouldn’t be removed at all. What if you’re in some disadvantage state in the boss rush and you need some firepower to back you up?

The score part doesn’t hurt, in fact, it’s better for those who wanna tier up quickly

This wave gives a good starting in some missions due to firepower. So this shouldn’t be removed.

I think this is intentional.
Also, have a look at this:

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Honestly there are some bosses end up being helpful if you are running low on fire power wither if it’s Boss Rush or not , like Shoot The Core (at high difficulty) , Chicken Multiplicity , Egg Cannon Confrontation , Chicken Expandatory , Hend Game , but in competitive play , bosses that do spawn chickens won’t drop any powerups , I remember one time in Boss Rush mission called “Decisive Haziness” (at 98%-100% , SuperStar Hero difficulty) , I have reached 18+52 or should I say 70 fire power!!!

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Yeah i know but i think it s very good for more score and being in top 1

Leaderboards for normal mission awards you nothing.

no one can cheat getting a lot of scores from egg canon’s chickens at leadboards missions

Ok guys :+1:

No need to talk more about it

ok done
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