Any strategies for collecting keys?


Are there any strategies that you found for getting more keys than usual? It’s just that I feel like I get less keys than I should’ve for what I do. If you don’t have any strategies (which I expect), can you tell me how many keys you get for completing a mission (In average) and the difficulty that you use?

I’m sorry in advance if this question isn’t appropriate… :slightly_frowning_face:

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First of all. Buy yourself Utensil Poker weapon and don’t pickup other weapons in f(l)ight.
Second: Buy SSH difficulty.
And last: Do every difficulty in daily challenge and complete weekly challenge every day.

Another useful tip: Don’t speedrun missions. You can destroy barriers which can take some time and you can find that another chicken now has new key. So you have more points for destroying barriers and more keys.

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Oh, thanks, I actually already bought the utensil poker : כ )

It’s funny how everyone uses ONLY forks as their weapon and throws others into the shade. :smile:


Because it’s the best one?


Well… The worst thing that I hate when happens to me is picking up other weapon by accident. Today I did most levels in weekly challenge from 32nd level using vulcan chaingun and while it was nice when it wasn’t overheating it certainly isn’t the best weapon. Thankfully on ~80 I got neutron gun and it’s my second favourite weapon so I managed to finish the challenge.

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IA needs to encourage people somehow to use more weapons what I’m tryin’ to say, I use forks all the time, but it’s a bit borring to play only with one weapon.

An example would be me, ever since I bought the Utensil Poker, I rarely used anything else

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I do use other weapons too, but only when the missions are easier. With bad weapons it takes longer to clean sweep waves, and harder missions have a lot of tough enemies. This only really matters for daily/weekly challenges, but still.

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Yeah, juſt now I accidentally got the Corn Shotgun, and it juſt went downhill (from one bad weapon to the next) for about 6 waves. I was fortunate enough to get the Utenſil Poker back juſt before the final boſs, which actuälly turned out juſt to be the CI5 party chicken.

Why do you keep writing with retarded letters?


Do you mean the f instead of s? It’s because there was a long and regular s in old English and he simply uses f as long s because it’s the closest thing to how the long s looked like (and how it looks like in different fonts):

Also, you can type it in a keyboard, but the process is kinda long for what you get, which is this: ſ

Moſt of your poſt was correct, although there was one little thing:

No I don’t. Check out any of my poſts. I ſimple remapped my keyboard, with the ſlight ſide-effect that noöne can uſe my computer and I can’t uſe anyöne elſe’s. On the other hand, I now have quick & eaſy acceſs to all ſorts of characters that are not on US QWERTY keyboards (which is what this computer ſtarted out with).

Oh, one laſt note: ſt is the long ſ + t ligature according to the Unicode encoding, but ſans ſerif fonts tend to make it reſemble f + t. It’s normally alright though, as I avoid ſans ſerif like the plague.

Oh, thanks for pointing out my mistake. I just don’t know that much about the topic as you do.

I wouldn’t have expected you to know how I did it! :smiley:

I want to see someone to fight vs mysterious ship with the corn shotgun at 0 :zap: This is real challenge! Until you hit him he will kill you twice :sweat_smile:

Need to try later.

Or with moron railgun…

As you wish(warning: no music. I forgot to turn it on,sorry): CIU mysteryous ship with 0 firepower corn shotgun - YouTube


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