Another interruption with the translation

I’m not sure if the culprit of the last interruption did this again, but we must face the same problem :slight_smile:
Just lazy to write how should i say, but i hope iA will soon punish the one who annoy the translation team. Vietnam is a low-manner country on the Internet because of those trollers like this.

translations (warning: bad words)

Raise the motherf***ing curtain
Double SARS-CoV-2
Go through the red light then get your head chopped off by the police
Heavy as f*** pile of metal
F***ing disconnect right now
OK, please die


Why are those bad laguage translate still here?
Vietnam is so tough lol :slight_smile:

Yea, so frustrate to see those bad words :slight_smile:

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Tag this as Early Access so that iA notices.

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Done, thanks

Oh great another bad translation person.

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No, he is not the bad translation person, is already there.

Week 2

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im a Vietnamese, but i didn’t know that there are lots of rude and un-meaningful people, @InterAction_studios , can you please fix it or do anything about it. cus it will make the game feel like it was made for rude people to troll.

What the…

Who. Did. This.

the game did or those troll are did it again.

Trollers did :slight_smile:

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