Android Version please

This is not an idea or anything. No, it is just that you make a copy for the Android phone. Please, there are people who do not have a computer. This is a suggestion for you, but I am happy with your game. Thank you.


There are two issues currently:

  1. The mobile version is not ready. If it was, it would probably appear on iOS by the time.
  2. Google has blocked InterAction studios Google Play account used for publishing games. This also means that advertisment can’t be a thing and there will be no income from yet another version to support.
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When and Why?

Basically Google thought the editions are repetitive content

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What a reason.

iA Himself said it here on v81 topic


WHY ??


I guess I’ll never see Google the same way I used to…


Sadly I can’t download CI games from google play store .

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It doesn’t exist

I don’t think sharing the (technically) paid games here falls under any kind of “legal”. If it was an option, it would’ve been already done.


it seems to me that the Android versions were no longer on google play


Actual great original content is considered repetitive, while about 80% of the play store consist mostly of blatant copies of other games/apps that may or may not downright be adware or malware, or some cash grabs that were made in like 15 minutes are acceptable, like do we really need 10 thousand flashlight apps that need like all the permissions on the system to function, display ads constantly and steal your data?..
Thanks google, you’re really doing the world a service.

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I can’t believe the ripoffs are available but the original ones aren’t.

Google I wish I could kick your damn a*s.

It is not available on Google Play unfortunately

Also its not worth developing and adapting a game to mobile platforms if it is canceled by Google.
The only alternative would be to download it through an apk through a link in the forum, as is already done with the PC version.

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google is being google.

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Probably iA can use the link lead to the download of this game as apk file


I remember when i used to play CI games from GPS, such memories.


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