📱 Android (experimental preview)

Bug in Android version
Back bottun doesn’t work to get out of game

Read the change log Impossible challenge (99,9% can’t pass!). You’re either the 4th or the 5th person mentioning this.


Unfortunately, I still couldn’t enter the game in my device. It was successfully installed this time, but when I open the game, it just shows a black screen and nothing happens.

My device: Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)

I tried it out on my galaxy S7 and it actually works greatly.
Only complaint that I have is the UI is too small and that’s pretty much it.

i also own a j5 2016, currently running android 13 on it and game runs with no issue

Known (I think).

I’m aware of this, and (sigh) it’s on my list.

This bug is driving me crazy. Android… pfft :roll_eyes:

Might be a pixel shader issue. Will investigate.

That was intentional, but I think I got confused by the (Microsoft) requirement that apps shouldn’t have quit buttons. So it will be changed.

This is poorly worded. The problem was that pressing back on the main menu would cause the app to terminate. The correct way to solve this is not to make the main menu unquittable, but make it that the back button puts the app in the background (but it still runs when you return to it).

The closest I have is a Galaxy A5 (2016). I’ll see if it has the same problem.

Agreed. I don’t see how this can possibly be fixed, though.


My game starts with the navigation bar hidden but it appears whenever I click the screen for the first time

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You’ve same device as me, but my device works well.

Was fixed a few minutes ago. But I can’t test it here, so please report if it happens again in v.123

The game works fine on my A5 :man_shrugging:


Who does that?
Who has time for doing that? “Just play the game and enjoy” is the only thing that people do here

Try to factory reset your device, this usually (99% of times) work

You have time to report an issue but you don’t have time to read what exactly was changed?


We are testing an experimental/unstable version. I think that we should all do that

But a factory reset erases all data though, so it’s not worth it

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When you report something it takes fewer time than reading the whole log

This is another point

I meant most of people doesn’t do that (like me) but yeah we better do that (that I don’t :smiling_face_with_tear:)

Yeah except you waste other people’s time too.

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Fine fine ok my bad.:confused: let’s get out of this subject now. I’m sorry every one

Are you too lazy to take 5 minutes of your time to read the log?