Android apk Version

Since Google Play banned IA, why don’t you make an Apk version? Why not? Make an Apk version that will be awesome


I think there is.

there would be no in-app purchases or advertisements so why


It would be only downloadable from the secure downloads if you purchase the computer version.

yeah and then hope no one shares it for free
doesn’t seem likely

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CIU is online only game. IA can just block connections from non-CHL players if he wanted to.

There is no

This is easy. I have a solution. If you want to buy anything, go to the site through your browser. This is very easy

Why was IA banned tho?

Here’s the reason: Early Access version 81 - #201 by InterAction_studios

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im dont know

Well, the same could be done with the computer version as well.

the pc version already is free, though

What do you mean? They aren’t free. You have to purchase them in

I was talking about CIU

Isn’t @karas talking about iA games in general?

He did. Basically he wants pirated copies of the CI episodes and their editions.

But it wouldn’t be piracy if they can only be downloaded from the secure downloads page on iA’s website. Maybe he meant that, and even if he didn’t, it’s something I have thought of even before the games were removed from Play Store, I think, and it’s now more important than ever.


I just assumed he wants any apk that have the removed games.

I completely agree but I am afraid that IA account and his site might be watched by google 24/7. Which would prevent IA from re-publish his game in apk forms.

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Yes, but without protection it might just be installed by anybody. Not that the protection from google play is worth anything since you can just set the price as $0 if you know how to do it, but still it prevents straight up sharing the .apk

  1. IA account was banned
  2. Yes, every site is monitored by google. But not for the reason you think.

Google has absolutely no f-ing jurisdiction over other sites. Also they don’t own the .apk format. Also what the heck could they do at this point to IA? Ban the site from google search? It is only used for major offenders of some laws, not for developers who decided to publish their games on their own.