An Idea for the Egg Cannon Boss!

Since the Egg Cannon now attacks immediately when damage, I got an idea for it, it is to add a type of warning to it so we know that it will get damaged and attack immediately, maybe like red lines on its health bar, I said this especially for the fights were the Egg Cannon doesn’t get damaged and attacks immediately after every 20% damage, like sometimes it gets damaged every 50% or 33.3% health damage, keep in mind that I want it the same on high difficulties, like maybe from 80% difficulty.

But i said that, and IA said no.

Yea, but about the red lines on the health bar to help and also I had to say that so people doesn’t think that I want it on all difficulties.

Okay. I will let you say that.

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Is this idea is good?

  • Good idea
  • Bad idea
  • No opinion, sorry.

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That’s will didn’t change anything, also, if you fight with him for first time, you Will know how behave

What if the user has The HUD Progress in red?

Sorry, just no
Also, dont put “!” anymore for the title, i think what is best if dont put that in the title.

No opinión, also, why only “Members” And “Regulars” can vote?

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Wait, how?

I said that not everytime it damages after every 20%.

The color could be changed or they just had to stick with it no big deal.

Jeez you’re the second person to tell me that after Boggy.

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hmm i think was changed so that only members and regulars can do stuff like vote and post images.


But why, After of all, the attacks of the egg cannon are easy to dodge

Because it wasn’t immediately before until I reported a bug about it, but IA made it like that for some reason.

IA should give the medal for both of us, i guess.

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Let’s just hope it gets accepted.

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Yeah, i can’t handle this change anymore, and how dare IA refuses to undo it, while sufi said IA can undo changes…

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I dunno.

To be honest, just be prepared for the next attack by doing it slowly. You don’t really need these warnings.
Besides, you can kinda judge when it’s next phase would be from the difficulty.


You just need to have timing, if you damage the egg cannon in the right moment I’m sure you won’t notice that at all


Not to mention, the transition from the chicken spawning only to the laser attack should already give a pretty good idea to beginners that the next phase’s attack is immediately invoked after reaching a certain damage level.


I still wait for the day when the Egg Cannon spawns more types of chickens in it’s chicken wobble wave, you’d think that with the number of suggestions involving adding Chickenauts, Chick Gatling Guns, UFO’s, etc, they would already be implemented into the game, but it seems like we still have to wait…

On an unrelated note: Congratulations Celestial for being a moderator in CID!


I waiting for the day when Egg Cannon spawns this: