AI Assistant ship

Hello everybody after a long time again
I was thinking about an idea that you may probably be familiar with.
The last time we saw an assistant helping you was Hen Solo from CI4 and of course, I know some things about this were suggested before by some people but this one is a little bit different. The first and good thing is that you don’t need to pay for it! (well, kind of) and you need to at least be tier 50 to use this feature.
This is how it works: So you have some spaceships right? One of them will be your flagged ship, and also you can choose a ship just like your flagged ship as an assistant, but the assistant ship has to have all of the essential factors that a flagged ship has! A weapon, an engine, a heat sink, and a reactor.
And it will exactly work like Hen Solo during missions.

The AI Assistant button and its logo will be like this.
At first, I was going to name this idea wingman mark, but as it would be a little silly and AI is growing in the world day by day, I chose this name.
Hope you like it thanks for reading!


You can call it “Wingman” for more likely “UHF speech”.
And it would be nice to see how it performs in mission.


Wooo You Mean Hen Solo From CI4 Great! He Gonna Still Help Me In Hard Missions :))))


AI Gonna Take Our World Sometime,BRUH (Just Kidding Lol)

it’s indended. the ai assistant can never collussion and attack at 3 times or 0.2 per second during player attack so OP any firepower!

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note that you can use boosters and I forgot to say it works just like a normal ship except for being exploded, it’s means that it would also be able to overheat

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In CI4, Hen solo’s weapon was kinda weak but has no collusion that means he won’t die or leave until the end of the mission, very cool but will the assistant spacecraft be able to get the firepowers and the other weapons (gifts :gift:) while flying the mission?

This idea is very helpful to us especially in missions with very high difficulty and DT missions, Awesome!

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You know, getting power-ups, exploding and etc, were the things that I thought about much, For example, if it would get power-ups so what about yourself? as it is based on programming, It won’t know that if you are going to use that weapon yourself or not, so that would be more annoying than being helpful, also for exploding, you also have to take care about your assistant, that would also be annoying.
So it would just help you like a ship that doesn’t explode and fires the weapon you gave to it from the beginning.
And a point that I was thinking about was collecting keys by your assistant that I think will be impossible (as it won’t collect power-ups, it also can’t collect keys, food, etc)

It should take power up to make it more damage also does it takes damage from boss?

that would kind of make it op

from nothing

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A very cool idea there, I’d love to see some Hen-Solo-like assistance to bring back CI4 Chapter 2 memories.
However, some problems still remain regarding the equipment factor:

  • In CI4, Hen Solo only has a Moron-Railgun-equivalent weapon, assists you from one side at a time, shooting in a burst of 3 (or 4?). Sure, you can bind a unique “shots/volleys per burst” for every CIU weapon (things can get annoying with Absolver :clown_face:), but I don’t think that’s gonna work well considering either giving wingman the ability to collect gifts/atoms or not.
  • Same as flagship requirements, you need a reactor, a thruster, a heat sink and a weapon (weapon booster and satellites could be ignored by the game if selected as wingman). But since these ships fire weapons in a fixed pattern, how is heat sink gonna work if the interval between bursts could potentially prolong some weapons’ time until overheat to infinity?

They were 4 I remember.

It will work like a clicker, kind of a second mouse for you assistant will click and hold left button as much as you held your own mouse (not forever, for 2 secs at last, for Absolver it will be up to 5 secs). We can make something that records how much we held the mouse button and it clamps it to 2 secs if it was more

People with symmetric NAT like me, will appreciate this very much!

P.S: Your mission wont be on the leaderboard, And you will loose some food drops. Since they are used as a currency in this game, the other spacecraft will pick it up.

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“Everyone wants to rule the world.” (Speakmen Anthem)
Literally the lore of the agents in Skibidi.
Pinging @TitanSpeakerman here.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that

And also, it won’t also be in multiplayer missions, as they even were not available in multiplayer in CI4


That’s basically the burden of having symmetric NAT: unable to join multiplayer 98% of the time.



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I meant that sym- nat players dont get any multiplayer games to join. So it’d be fun to atleast play with someone

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yes i do.

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Still have only one question does it shoots enemies automatically when it se them or when you shoot also does it shoots with non stopping?