AI Assistant ship

It shoots just like your assistant in ci4

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Not bad idea, but I think it need some big change for this:

  • Assistant ship → Smaller item work as mobile satellite (this also disable any mounted satellite)
  • Perishable item
  • Using Moron Railgun with its max power
  • Certain spaceships can’t use this (my suggestion is BX series since two pylons is powerful enough)
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hm… good idea .

Welcome to the forum my friend!

Already suggested but this idea is totally different

Come on man that costs a lot

The mechanism is different of course

But also moves slow
That’s actually balanced enough i think

Agree, but keep it always on isn’t better either. Many people can overused this to reduce neccesary difficulty of the game

Um… I think that AI assistant ship will work in single player , better idea ?
or if IN MULTIPLAYER , only you can select AI assistant ship but players who joins you , cannot bring AI assistant ship , better idea ?

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Wingman should be restricted to singleplayer only.
Playing with a wingman would not count to the leaderboard, just like how multiplayer works.


Not in competitions, except for weekly challange.

It will just be in single player, not in multiplayer.

If so, i suggest that its firepower must be limited between :zap:8 and :zap:10 (depend on which spaceship you use). BX series will become trash if this assistant has max power.

hmmm… yes

As the ai ship can not get any sort of power ups, and you adjust the kind of bullet yourself, the firepower won’t or i better say can’t be more than 8.

Self learning A.I are best, For first few runs you will see them lose, playing bad, But they learn from the mistakes, If self learning A.I is added who learns how to dodge, how to use all weapons etc, You will see them in Superstar hero difficulty playing better then you with 1 live.

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Can’t even agree more.

I thinks that this will be better :
1: if you have 2 weapons like plasma rifle and positron , and you are using plasma then you have to choose positron weapon or another weapon you have for AI assistant ship .
2: if AI ship weapon is getting overheat , then it will automatically stop shoot weapons until it fully cool-down .
3: you have to buy reactor , heat sink , and engine .
4: you cannot mount hard points , satellites and weapon booster on AI ship

how was my this idea ? did you like it ?

good idea or bad ?
  • Is my idea is good ?
  • or my idea is bad ?
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Nah I disagree with you. Programming this way is time consuming and makes gameplay unnecessarily complicated. Imo, we just need to copy and paste Hen Solo’s moveset.

Even in UO, you and Hen Solo can still use the same weapon in one chapter (Boron Railgun with different colors), so why shouldn’t that apply to CIU?

That make the games too easy, man. When it stop to fire should be depend on your main ship heat bar.

Additional limitation: Assistant can be only used only once for each missions per day. Try to use more will get these penalties:
Food drop rate = - 50%.
Key equipment perks = -10%.
Score result assessment = -20%.

They can easily be ignored by some lines of code so why would anyone manually remove them?

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That depends on you though. You can choose the weapons.

This exactly works like that.

That’s what I just said :)))

You can do both, but satellites won’t be active (the rest of the items will work)

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That’s a lot, I guess 20-30% is enough.

That’s ok

This is also too much about 10% can be fine

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