Add "retry" button to pause menu?

Sometimes you’re playing a mission and you realize you need to change the configs, or you screwed it up and you want to play again. I think the retry button should be available allowing us to instantly fly the mission again without having to find it again from the menu. Do you think it’s necessary?

I suggest the layout below:

When you retry a mission, you will be taken back to the mission configs menu to adjust your preferences (if needed). This should save a lot of time.


Actually… this idea is interesting…


I need this


This is good,no waste time to find that mission again


Its unnesecary and necessary at the same time:
1 In missions you can click Disconnect or cancel
2 That will probably get you disqualified in events such as Key Rushes.


This idea is good, man.


Indeed retrying a mission is just like cancel or surrender, you’ve to take the risk, but you get to that mission again faster. If you don’t want to be disqualified, just don’t do it. There’re many other un-important missions that retrying should be available.

Disconnecting doesn’t take you back to the mission config menu, it’s like pausing but for a longer time. When you reconnect, you will start at the wave you left (if you screwed that wave up, reconnecting doesn’t undo what you’ve done). So this is not the solution.

You can only cancel a mission if you haven’t finished the first wave yet, if not that will be a surrender. The problem is that you’ll be taken back to the menu and waste time finding that mission again.


This is a good one.


It’s time for poll!

Do you want retry button?

  • Yes, indeed
  • No, the current layout is good enough

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Well it seems most of you agree with me on this idea. @InterAction_studios please consider my idea, I don’t know the underlying mechanics but this feature must be simple, right?


A “retry” button would not help you in that case.

I presume you mean while it’s still in the “cancel” stage and not the “surrender” stage. I don’t think it’s worth cluttering the UI for this. “Cancel” is meant as a courtesy to players in cases in the case of genuine oversights (see first case above), not as something that should routinely be used just because you screwed up.


Technically the function of the “retry” button is same to cancel / surrender, but it take us to that mission’s config menu instead of the galaxy map. Shall we be able choosen where we will be taken to after finishing a mission instead?

Or, I’ve thought of an alternative simpler idea:
+) If you cancel or surrender a mission, you will be taken back to that mission’s config menu, so that you’re ready to fly it again if desired.
+) If you win (or maybe lose?), you will be taken back to the galaxy map, since it seems pointless to fly it again right then.
Is it reasonable?


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