Add Replays to Competitive Mission Results!

“To defeat an enemy, you must know them. Not simply their battle tactics, but their history, philosophy, art.” -Grand Admiral T

For competitive events, there should be a Replay button through which you can use to study your opponents’ strategies and learn from them and become better yourself.

This is a very hard thing to make though so I’ll only push this to IA when I think dude doesn’t have a ton of things in his list left.

Good idea bad idea?
  • Good idea
  • Good idea, but … (reply your changes below)
  • Bad bad bad (reply why below)

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That’s suggested a very long time ago.

Didn’t know there was one tbh. Oh well.


also (see iA’s reply)

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This is years old and outdated, so this’ll be an updated version of those ideas.
I’ll ask IA to give you and the other person a medal, if this gets accepted.
Or you can quote those and ask IA yourself if I forgot to do so. If this gets accepted.

Also live feed is harder to do than replays, as replays are run client-side, then stored in the servers, and live feeds is done live - which means lots of multiplayer code business. (Least that’s how I think it works)

though IA did close the first post, but it isn’t confirmed or anything …

This reminds me of Garena Free Fire.

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