Add new item in forture teller

Soo new item that will add is Rarity insight
soo how it work?
it can use to find Rarity item
also this item it a only one that most expensive in insight item
price will start at 150 or more key
also this item can stuckable for 3 times
at max will locrate only max Rarity item
this item have time only 24 hour
and cant add time by power up countdown
every time you try to stuck will X2 more price
stuck will not add time
also if Rarity item locate at the space that you dont go locate it will not show


But aren’t rare items supossed to be hard to find? (They should still be rare, even when you already explored the whole galaxy)

This item would make them too easy to get, and lose their ‘‘Rarity’’

Also there is a post where users post rare items location, which mean, this item will make the rare items lose their rarity completely


Well if we had this item then the legendary tracking topic wouldn’t even exist since we would have this item you are talking about which will show us the locations of rare items, and this will for sure kill the meaning of rarity.


I know kill the rarity of item but what about this item will show only rarity of item not name also this item can buy 3 times par 1 weeks also price start at 1000 and it only on station shop and it have most chance to dont sell it

Still, it would kill rarity and the Legendary tracking topic won’t exist because of that.

is my only reaction to this

I still disagree.

its fine i give this idea soo that some people dont mindless spam fuel to fiy arould galaxy for only rarity
also it may have a chance to go same shop because we cant mark shop like i have go that shop

This would make Legendary items become common items…

Or not even rare…

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