Abysmal Squad Assigment reward

SO today I received my first Squadroon assignment reward. A staggering amount of… 1 key. I’m not sure if thats really all, but it may as well not exist if its a single key reward. I suggest to make it at least 5 or 10% of the keys earned by the member, if it will keep existing.

Well, we’re like, two members now and there weren’t a lot of missions assigned. Maybe with more members and missions it gets higher.

I mean, hopefully. Anyway, I’m gonna step up to 4 mission a day.

1 key is only a placeholder for now. It will be changed when the economy is re-balanced in September.


I don’t know why so many people complain about this. It is still Early Access, so the 1 key reward is obviously a placeholder and I don’t need to ask them to know this.

@InterAction_studios, sorry if I’m being pushy about this, but I would like an answer to the Microsoft store release. If no, i’m out until the Android version. Apologies.

Where’s your original post?

Microsoft store? Is that like microsoft’s platform? You know you can buy directly from IA’s site?

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No, didn’t know it. Thanks.

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