Microsoft release

Is the game comig to Microsoft store, like the previous games?

In my opinion, most likely not.
(who actually uses microsoft store? well not me, because im using win 7 all the time lol )
But who knows?


No, it won’t be distributed on any third-party sites.

Ekhem… Steam, Google play, App Store…

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Few months later…

Epic Games Store exclusivity joined the game!!!1!11

Lol just kidding. But what if ? XD

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hell no

I wish that IA games would ever be so successful that Epic would want to pay for having them exclusively. But that’s not going to happen. CI isn’t even close to being described as indie masterpiece.


IKR that was a joke. (Tho if they were, I would probably prefer CIU going to EGS if it would give IA enough money to implement the multiplayer mode.)

CIU especially is far from being worthy of exclusivity. And players would make a crusade on IA if a free-to-play game with microtransactions would go to the epic store exclusively. 3 things that gamers hate the most. Add to that season passes and make the microtransactions pay-to-win and you basically signed your death contract.


Haha jk


I’m talking about platforms that CIU will be released Stardrone

Yes, the game will eventually come to the Microsoft Store. But the customer volume is very low there (especially considering there’s no ad revenue), so it will probably be after the Android release.

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Oh it’s windows phone, right…

Windows Phone is dead, there won’t be a CIU version for it.

What I mean by “Microsoft Store” is Windows 10 desktops.


Huh. I never knew that anyöne actuälly uſed that thing.


I’m one of a kind

Can I use Google Pay for buying “Chicken Hunter License” when CIU release in Android ?

Yes. The License will be available on all platforms.

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