About the fact that Space Supremacy still has a placeholder ability

I have spent the day thinking about this and playing with a VF-76 and I came up with something:

Power Points

Every killed enemy (that can give points when killed) will reward the player extra points.
The additional amount will be proportional to the amount of :zap: collected that are exceeding the limit: the more extra firepower you have collected during the mission, the more points will be earned.

VF-76 Raven is the licensed model (the most wanted one) of the family and has one huge flaw: a max firepower of 8 that makes really hard (sometimes borderline impossible) getting pecking order or multikill bonuses.
There is also the fact that currently there is zero incentive to actually pickup powerups if you play with that particular model, unless you are aiming to get high sores; this was the starting point of my idea.

Stealth Mode

While the player isn’t pressing the shoot button, stealth mode is activated.
During stealth mode, the ship can’t be tracked by position-targeting attacks (like ufo chickens eggs, metal suit lasers, Chiller’s snowballs, ecc…) and proximity eggs won’t be triggered.
When the player presses the shoot button, they exit stealth mode.
Upon exiting steath mode, the player gets a damage boost. The better the model, bigger the boost.

VF ships aesthetics are obliviosly inspired by military jets, wich in real life are equipped with gadets that make them undetectable to enemy radars. This ability is inspired by that.

But if environmental resistance is going to stay on Space Supremacy can I suggest to buff it into Hazard resistance?

There are some enemies in-game that can be considered as supports: Toxic, Alchemist, Chiller and the upcoming fire chicken.
What makes these chickens stand out from all the others, is the fact that each of them doesn’t have a proper attack and possesses the ability to summon hazards on the field.

  • Toxic chickens leaves a damaging zone if killed.
    A model may have the ability to survive one of them, in a similar fashon to how Raven can survive the hit from a lightning strike.

  • Alchemists summons slowdown zones.
    All models could have the slowdown reduced, like how they are currently less affected by massive environments.

  • Chillers attack blocks your visibility and cause a screenshake.
    Maybe all models could be immune to the screenshake.

  • From what I can see from this image IA posted,
    Early Access version 113 - #221 by InterAction_studios
    the upcoming fire enemy’s attack won’t be able to kill the player and will leave flame particles that reduce visibility.
    Due to the not-able-to-kill nature of the attack, I can theoryze that it may also add some heat to the bar.
    Lastly, I expect them to leave an overheat zone when killed, since they are counterpart of chillers.
    I think that there are many hazards that could be resisted, for example by making their fireball attack produce less heat when being hit, or ignoring the very first overheat zone.

Hazard Resistance would greatly improve VF ships survivability, since it will add to the Environmental Resistance all those new resistances.

And this topic is over. I would like to hear @InterAction_studios opinion on these since this is a continuation over the discussion we had this morning.


That would be exploitable and make competitive missions unfair.

That also would be exploitable if the player wanna avoid an extreme difficulty or conflict in dodging.

Uh, this is exactly how the game works, he just worded it badly. He’s saying that since enemies give points when killed and VF ships are so weak, naturally they’d be useless compared to other ships in competitive gameplay.

Considering this just prevents enemies from targetting you, this is nowhere near exploitable.

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Epic waves will become a piece of cake with this one. Even on maximum difficulty. and that would affect bosses also.

That’s a huge stretch. Chickenauts, armored chickens and slobs will all be unaffected. And if stuff like gatling guns just aim randomly rather than directly at you, it might end up making things…worse, actually. No manipulating shots anymore. Imagine if all UCO 3’s purple projectiles aimed at random locations. The entire screen would be a mess. This is hardly exploitable, unless these enemies/bosses can’t shoot at all when they can’t aim at the player. But OP didn’t state that, so as it stands rn, this is very far from exploitable.

he intended to say that.

that would be better instead getting aimed while we shoot under it exactly.

Better how? Attacks that can target you can be manipulated. Random attacks? Not so much.

He said they can’t track you, not that they can’t shoot. He should reword that if he really meant that they can’t shoot at all.

it’s not like most of the random attacks will directed towards the bottom or the player’s position.

With that amount of projectiles? No way they won’t.

Well eh. Whatever it is gonna be worse or not. I still don’t think adding a stealth effect to a spaceship is a good idea.


Power Points ability is meant to make VF viable in competitive. Right now these spacecraft lose over the course of a mission a lot of points and this ability should allow them to get them back.


Oh? Okay, I misunderstood. I’m not exactly a fan of just giving it a point increase. Would be cooler if it actually had some utility that would make the ship better than others. Well it does have some currently but it’s strictly for survival.

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Wait. What did you tought I said?

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Thought you meant that killing stuff is important for points and because of that, VF is pretty much useless because it has a tough time doing that. Yes, it’s an obvious thing, but I thought that was more sensible than making it give more points than other ships.


That’s the reason behind the idea. You understood correctly.

Is it?
H&C extra key bonus is a fully passive multiplier that asks no skill from the player to activate.

Power Point is more sensible that that; due to the fact that the player will get an increasingly significant amount of points over time.
And they also have to be more careful while playing, because when a life is lost that bonus is reduced and keep in mind that VF survivability (especially without environmental resistance) is way lower compared to bombers and mullers.
High risk for an high reward

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Yep. Except for the fact that keys don’t affect competitive missions and are useful for newbies, that’s their purpose. I assume you weren’t around back when ships weren’t reworked at all and H&Cs actually had a points bonus too. You had 0 choice but to use H&C101 just because it had the best points bonus. What you’re trying to do now with VFs would result in the exact same problem because VF would have better potential for gaining points than other ships could ever have. Also these bonus points wouldn’t be a very interesting mechanic at all in casual missions. I know VFs need to be rebalanced but I don’t think this is the right way to do it. I wouldn’t mind the hazard immunity idea. Altho it doesn’t really help it compete but it would at least be a slight improvement until the ship family is properly rebalanced(if ever, because it’s kinda bleh rn).

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I joined in V.8 (I think) I know what equipment perks used to be.
I see and understand your point of vew

On the topic of the last point, a cooldown is a common mechanic for this type of behaviours in other games. Perhaps it could even be disabled after you move a certain amount of screen space (like, moving 50% of the screen, it’s obvious you’re up to something.

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