About Bosses

As we know, bosses give points when destroyed. But the following are how many points they award the player.
The Egg Cannon and Henterprise gives 100,000 points.
The Yolk-Star gives 100,000 and 50,000, which totals to 150,000 points.
However, I feel like this is not enough for the amount of effort that goes into destroying the final bosses.
All the other bosses give about 50,000 to 100,000 points on the other hand.

I feel like the bosses do not give enough score, considering some of them are either really hard, or really easy. I would suggest changing the amount of score given by the bosses if that was possible to make the experience more rewarding.

Here’s what I would propose:
The Yolk-Star would give 400,000 + 250,000 total points. (Since it’s that difficult)
The Egg Cannon would give 300,000 points. (it’s the easiest final boss out of the 3)
The Henterprise would give 450,000 points.
All the other bosses would give at least 150,000 points. (Except Show 'em who’s boss. They should keep the 50,000 points as there can be up to 6 of them at once.)


I proposed medals for those three at one stage for much the same reason:

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