Boss Medals?

Just a simple Idea - be cool if there were medals awarded for defeating the final “boss” waves of each game, specifically:
The Yolk Star™
Egg Cannon Confrontation
Hend Game
And potentially one of the Mother-Hen ship missions too, but that’s a bit more confusing because the original wave hasn’t been updated for universe.

The medals could be named after the games which the specific boss came from (i.e. “Ultimate Omelette Award”), or perhaps even just after the boss/wave name itself - though I am less fond of that idea.

I think this would be cool because it would be neat to track how many times we’ve beaten those particular waves compared to other players. It would also help those more difficult fights to stand out a bit more and feel more rewarding than the other boss fights.

And finally - especially if the medals were named after their respective game titles - it could serve as a subtle advertisement for those titles. @InterAction_studios ?


  • Yes, I’d like this too.
  • No, this is unnecessary.
  • I don’t really mind either way.

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I prefer dont vote
For one side, its a good idea
For other side, the New players possibly can make this repeatedly to win free medals in a easy mission


That’s true, but there are a number of traditionally “hard” medals (for example, Greatest Chicken Hunter of All Time) that are much easier in Universe when attempted on low-tier missions. So this wouldn’t be all that different to those.


I agree but this should be only on 80% difficulty with at least rookie and you shouldn’t be allowed to use any powerups like extra lives and missals to make this a bit challenging :slight_smile:

Even then…both the henterprise and egg cannon are easier than a lot of other bosses. Only the yolk star fits in this, especially considering this


Well, these fights are supposed to be harder, anyway. As much as I prefer to face the Henterprise than, say, even the Mysterious Ship, it would be a bit silly to award medals for all the fights, and a poll on which ones deserve it seems arbitrary at best.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we see them get some difficulty buffs at some stage in the future, either.

In any case, they’re certainly a lot longer than other boss fights, and they tend not to reward powerups on destruction like the others, either - so actually blowing them up doesn’t currently reward much other than clearing the wave.
(Although it should be noted they all drop powerups quite liberally during the fight, so that counts for something.)

Still, a medal would be a neat way of saying “Hey, destroying the Yolk Star is more significant than defeating a Party Time chicken,” because right now it feels like something is needed to distinguish the big fights, and honestly something that’s as inconsequential as a medal (unlike, say, keys or something) seems like the best way to “reward” it without actually rewarding it, if you get what I’m saying.

tl;dr - I feel like the significance of the bosses is more important for this distinction than their objective difficulty, and that something like medals (with zero actual gameplay impact) is the best way to acknowledge that.

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