A Venue to test a ship and weapons

I have brought this up before. When a pilot first flies missions with the moron gun they are at a distinct disadvantage. Having the opportunity to test different ships and weapons would be a very useful tool for budgeting keys and deciding on what to spend them on. It would also help more experienced pilots decide whether or not the ship or weapon is useful in achieving success with their strategy. I don’t see this option favoring any skill level over another, just an opportunity to make a more informed choice. The pilot testing the equipment will be charged a fair amount of keys and not be awarded points keys, or medals. No rewards at all. 3 waves can be flown with a boss at the end. The waves should have variety and difficulty levels and the pilot is allowed to use any mountable equipment they own already including extra lives, if any mountable is destroyed it is lost from your inventory, I’m not sure about using missiles or satellites though. It wouldn’t make much sense without any awards or points. The real benefit is when a new ship or weapon is introduced. It would help all pilots make a more hands on decision and save keys. Only the basic is offered. No legendary etc. Be well all…


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