A team-based boss fight

Among the Chicken Invaders series, the Universe version seemingly different compared to the rest. The vast majority of places are huge and as well very beautiful. Yet, despite this, we still hasn’t have a Team-Based Boss Fight. Sure, you can say you just go to multiplayer and defeat boss there. Simple isn’t it? Well yes, but no at the same time. Why? Because you will not imagine a boss that have to fight up to 8 spaceships with all of them have good dodging skill and make the bosses useless at the same time. So, what are Team Boss Fights? On special event on the hub, a special universal boss will appear somewhere in the planets or galaxies or maybe they’re siturated in the middle of that galaxy or another solar system. The Boss presentation will be alerted to everyone so they will come swarm in the boss to defeat it. However the boss use what I like to call “Guild Health”. Which means, the boss will have a large whooping health of e.g: 1 billion health and they will have much more deadlier attacks compared to their normal version. Players could solo them or team-fight the boss, however you only have 1 health but you can set how much fire power you can have before fighting. The Boss I like to see is a “Special Version of a King Crab” which they have 8 arms with half is the regular crab and other half is the crab v2. They will throw chicks and chickens at you but when you and the entire hub drained the boss health to 60% and 30% respectively, the crab at the hub will change it appearance. From their throwing arms to laser arms and finally the special mechanic where it will expose their head to reveal their rocket warheads. These warheads will contain 6 homing missiles (which you can destroy it) and 1 Mega Missile (you cannot destroy it and it explode like ICBM). When you defeated the Boss, everyone participate it will get ~30 keys. There’s also a leaderboard on those who dealt much damage to the boss in one life. The one with the most damage will recieve 300 keys, then the second rank is 270 keys and it’s keep reducing 30 keys until the 10th rank onward.

Edit: The boss health saves so you can fight again.
You can only fight the boss once every 10 minutes.
Leaderboard key distrubution only be given after 1 month of participating.


Like this?

Kinda like that except that the bosses are more varied and not just somekind of “revamp” version of their original concept.

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