A Suggestion, a minor issue and some fun screenshots

So, first thing i’d like to talk about: I recently started using 2 ships, the max heavy bomber and the max scout. I’ve noticed that the only way to change what ship i’m using is to go to the helmet button → fleet → click on ship I want to use and → make flagship. This is a little tedious because after all of that I have to return to whatever mission I was about to do. My suggestion is that you replace the red box in this screenshot with a drop-down menu of the ship to use in said mission: Screenshot by Lightshot Players should also have the option to make the default selection either their flagship or most recently used ship. However this is just my recommendation, the devs can move around other elements to make room elsewhere if they want.

Next, onto that “minor issue”… It’s with the heavy armor chickens and riddler. View this short video for what I mean: - YouTube

Anyway, that’s all the important stuff. All that’s left is just a few screenshots I want to share:
damn if i had more satellite ports I could cause a missile crisis: Screenshot by Lightshot
Finally, i can cause a missile crisis: Screenshot by Lightshot
busy day at space burger: Screenshot by Lightshot
My current fleet, if anyone is interested: Screenshot by Lightshot


Welcome in the forum!

Known iussue but we have never got any change. The solution was also suggested similarly but less detailed

We all know that.
(The name of the video is art)

We have a topic for this:

(Nice spacecrafts btw)


Dude, those spacecraft are something else. Like Stardrone said, we have a topic made for sharing them, but please do because they look awesome!

I’d like to second this.


Fixed in v.50 :medal_sports: Bug


It’s such a funny bug that idk if I’m happy about it going or not. :joy:


It’s sad however : (

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