A screen recorder in game

I have an idea.
@InterAction_studios please insert a screen recorder in game because I can’t take a video from this game.
Please help me
We can top the bottom to recording and in game we can stop it and the video save in a folder in game data.

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A replay system was already suggested: Replay Feature

Either way, I was able to record footage from the game using OBS.

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Try to use “Record desktop” option, it should help.

I can’t even begin to describe how complex it would be to put that in the game. There’s a thousand other apps that can record video – Windows these days even has a built-in one.


Use OBS or Bandicam pls

When will people understand the complexity of video games development and stop asking a small studio to do such things

Bandicam is worse than OBS, lower quality, no ability to stream and lags during recording. And OBS is free (But who cares? :slight_smile: )

But Bandicam is my best choice for my low end PC

And all my CIU videos recorded by Bandicam

On the other hand, there are Radeon ReLive and nVidia ShadowPlay which don’t lag during recording.
(But for some reason ReLive turn on 15 FPS sometimes)

My Intel HD Graphics 2000…

I feel sorry to you.

Afaik Deadcode came up with the replay file system for Worms Armageddon back in 2004 all by himself. Sure, Armageddon may not be quite as complex as CIU (it’s from 1999, after all), but still.

Either way, a replay system that records video wouldn’t be a good idea. The files would be way too large, the video would likely be compressed and sharing replays would be a pain.

A replay file system that saves information about the playthrough and then emulates it in-game would be much better. The files could be shared easily, and would only take up a few megabytes.

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Worms Open Warfare 2 on PSP sometimes make wrong replays. For example, I killed 2 worms but replay shows only one death while second one is still alive.

I can’t seem to find any information about Open Warfare 2 having a replay system. Are you sure you’re not talking about the instant replays you get after a good shot?

Anyway, Team17 is known for being totally oblivious about bugs in their games from that particular era (or rather everything between Mayhem and WMD).

These ones.

I used all of them, but I still have problems!

Try to change settings. If you can’t record, how replays will help?

Because you could send the replay file and have someone else watch it?

I use that recorder.