A Question about Photon Swarm!

I know that the “Photon Swarm” weapon color is blue and when it’s at its maximum level it turns to the orange color, but when using a Heavy Bomber Spacecraft(BX) it is always blue, does it turn orange? And if it does how much :zap: does it requires to turn orange?

It doesn’t. Bombers have 2 pylons, each one having “separate” fp. So, if you for example have 2fp, that’ll be two pylons with 1fp each. If you have 5fp, both pylons alternate between 2fp and 3fp. Since the best bomber keeps upgrading until 20fp(2x10fp pylons), and once at 30fp(2x11fp pylons), neither of the pylons actually reach max power.
As a bonus fact, the fire rate follows the same progression as the regular spacecraft, meaning that photons only upgrade until 10fp(when they reach the max fire rate) and stop upgrading after that.


That’s because on bombers, the weapons are not able to be supercharged. The firepower cap works on bombers works in a way that the firepower is equally distributed between two pylons instead of supercharging the weapons. Take BX-9. The max cap for it is 20 meaning that you get two pillars of 10 firepower at max.


Oh wait you beat me to it…

OK, I got it now thanks, it would be cool if the bomber requires 40 :zap: (2×20) the weapon will be unstoppable :boom:

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