A question about CIU's music

So,I had this question for a while,even before CIU’s reveal… Mhm,so is it possible for music with vocals? (Aka singing in music.) If so,then it would be cool about a main theme with vocals or singing in it.

That would be weird.


I agree with emerald. Music with vocals just…doesn’t sound like something that would fit a game like ciu

Not like I was saying we need a song with vocals in CIU,I was just asking to see if it IS possible,maybe for future games instead of CIU.

I believe it’s possible(why wouldn’t it be?). I dunno if IA would bother with that,though.

Idk,but vocalized songs are hitting alot games now.

Good for those games,I suppose.

So I was wondering,why not CI?

Read emerald’s and my first replies to this thread and you’ll find out.

Yeah,I know. Does seem unfitting though. Though it could be possible for other games…if IA is even going to make another game that isn’t CI…

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vocal songs are only for games that have characters. i mean all we have is a ship and chickens. unless one of the chicken is a music chicken that sings a musical just like the phantom rabbid from mario and rabbid game.

I could make a case that our Hero deserves a heroic song.

One complication is that the game can be rendered in multiple languages simply by changing the text. That can’t be done easily with vocal music.

Maybe a vocal made by chickens. Like “bock bok booook bok boookk bok boook” :laughing:

While it’s poſſible to make grand orcheſtral muſic with vocals, it’s extremely hard, and the voices have to be treated as pretty much any other inſtrument inſtead of beïng accompanied by the orcheſtra.

In my opinion vocals in CI’s music would be bad and weird. Imagine playing a mission with a legit song playing in the background. #nohate

In this game the orchestra and the musical instruments are the vocals!

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i don’t think it’s a good idea lol

Yeah,music with vocals does seem unfitting,bad and weird. But that doesn’t mean we cannot get voice acting.

That would be just as weird.

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And for which characters would there need to be voice actors? Bosses? Narrator? It would be pure cringe lol. Leave the game s audio as it is…

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